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20 Benefits of owning a pool

When most people hear the word “swimming pool”, they think: “summer, relaxation, exercise, fun”. They remember all the cool, refreshing dips they took during hot summers days. The get-togethers, parties, and of course, the relay races.

Point being, people associate pools with positive things.

Now if you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking of getting a pool. Or maybe you’re entertaining the idea, and just getting a few answers.

Either way, facts are facts: having your own personal, backyard oasis to relax and melt away into is plenty of incentive by itself.

But the benefits of owning a swimming pool extend well beyond the obvious convenience.

A swimming pool opens the door to a lifestyle that improves your health and gives you more time for living. More time with family and friends, more time for exercise, and more time to cool down (physically and mentally).

Here are 20 Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

Low-impact exercise

One of the greatest health benefits of swimming pools is that they offer a low-impact way to exercise.

Compared to activities like running and jog, swimming only puts 1/4th of a strain on the body.

This means way less pressure on muscles and joints. For this reason, swimming is an excellent alternative for people with arthritis or sore joints

Perfect for aqua therapy

Swimming pools also provide the perfect environment for aqua therapy. While you can always get your therapy sessions in at the community pool or local gym, there’s nothing quite like your own personal aquatic space.

Aqua therapy typically involves water weights and weighted body wraps and serves as another great option for people with bone or muscle conditions.

Great source of cardio (better heart health)

Want to improve your cardiovascular health but hate running? Switch to swimming.

Since swimming is a low impact exercise, you can do everything from a few laps of breaststroke to a high energy 500m freestyle crawls — all with minimal strain on the body. This means you can go much harder during your workout sessions without risking injury. A luxury that an equally challenging run wouldn’t be able to provide.

And the best part:

You build your cardiovascular endurance just as effectively, if not more than you would from running. And when you’re done, you hop out feeling refreshed, and most importantly, free of swollen feet and sore muscles.

Builds strength and stamina

You might not think of swimming and bodybuilding together all that often. But the truth is, swimming is one of the BEST ways to build strength and muscle stamina.

Yes, one of the best ways. And here’s why:

Swimming supplies you with a full body workout that targets both your primary and secondary muscles. So by including just a few different strokes in your swim, you work more muscles groups than you would in average weightlifting session at the gym.

Relives stress (physically and mentally)

Gazing across the still surface of a pool as the moon casts its glow on the water. There’s something oddly therapeutic about that huh?

And that weightless feeling you get as you glide across the surface? Pure bliss.

Turns out, swimming has an effect on our brains that reduces stress and anxiety. Speedo (yup, the swimwear and goggles people) did a study on it:

  • Getting in the pool is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, with 74% of those surveyed agreeing that swimming helps release stress and tension
  • Swimming is the ideal ‘feel good’ exercise, with 68% saying that being in the water helps them to feel good about themselves
  • Over two-thirds of those surveyed feel that swimming can have a positive mental impact, with 70agreeing that it helps them to feel mentally refreshed

And since swimming is low-impact, it naturally relieves a significant amount of pressure on the body, which in turn reduces physical stress.

Year-round source for recreation (temperature)

Owning a pool is great, but having to close it when the summer ends is kind of a bummer, right?

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. Keeping your pool open year-round IS more than doable (and even affordable).

If you live in the south or west coasts, a pool heat pump can provide all the heat you need to enjoy comfortable swims.

And even if you live in cooler climates, having a pool heat pump can extend your pool season by as much as 6 months. It all depends on your approach, but the point remains:

Pools are the one place, and a place most convenient, that you can exercise and relax in year round.

Warm swims are therapeutic for the body

According to research from Temperature (journal), an hour-long soak in hot water provides substantial anti-inflammatory benefits. Which is why a lot of people end up buying personal spas for their homes. It’s soothing for muscles and bones.

That said, you can get the same benefits with a heated pool. All you need to do is turn on your pool heat pump, set the temperature, hop in the water, and start absorbing that heat.

And since swimming is already great for the body, adding hot water to the mix only makes it better. At that point, the health benefits of swimming are essentially doubled for you.

Healthy way to cool off and avoid the heat (or embrace it)

Want to beat the summer heat but don’t want to spend all day sitting inside watching Netflix?

Hop in the pool!

But what if the water is too warm?

Well, if you’re using a gas or solar heater, that might be a problem. Those heaters can only make your water warmer.

But if you’re using a pool heat pump, like the Oasis Platinum, you can heat AND cool your pool to whatever temperature you desire. That’s right, two functions in one.

And as soon as you want to feel the warmth again, just readjust the temperature on the heat pump. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat or embrace it.

Cost effective entertainment

If you have kids, then you probably take a few vacations throughout the year. Most likely, in the summertime.

But have you ever thought about taking some time at home instead? A staycation?

Normally, that might not sound like much fun. But if you add a pool to the mix, then your house goes from boring to thrilling really fast.

And with energy efficient heating options and plenty of money-saving hacks for pool care, replacing vacations with pool time is easy..

More time with family and friends

On the topic of the last paragraph:

If you’re staying home more often and going out less, then you’re naturally getting more time with family. That’s already a win by itself.

But consider this too: Who doesn’t want to go to the friend’s house with the pool?

Yes, of course, they should love you for YOU, and not the really cool pool you have. But let’s be frank, a pool makes ANYONE’s home a lot more interesting.

But the bottom line is that when you have a pool, you get the chance to spend more time with the people you care about. Whether it’s a few laps with a friend or the annual summer pool party bash. One of the greatest benefits of owning a swimming pool is the extra quality it adds to your life.

On that note…

Great location for parties and get-togethers

You’ve been to a pool party, right?

Of course, you have. But on the small chance you haven’t, boy are you in for a treat.

Imagine everything that makes a great party enjoyable. Okay, now take all that, and add a swimming pool to it. An aquatic playground where everything from peaceful, shallow end lounging to intense chicken fights can unfold.

Now that’s a celebration.

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